Boosted Electric Skateboard Review

When it comes to combining fun and easy portability into a single product, the Boosted Dual+2000W is the name on everyone’s lips. It is a scooter. It is a skateboard. It is a hoverboard. No matter what you call it, the fun of it trumps all other types of electronic skateboards. However, with the price tag that is on it, everyone wants to know if it is truly what they have all been waiting for or if it is something they should let pass them by. For that reason, here is a very detailed Boosted electric skateboard review.Boosted Electric Skateboard Review

How Is The Electric Skateboard Different from A Scooter?

Electric scooters come in all types. They are all battery powered, rechargeable, devices that are meant to help people get around a little faster than they can walk. The Boosted Boards skateboards are different. They have the same features, but they are usable as a skateboard as well. This means that they are real skateboard that have a motor. It is more speed, more power, and more fun. It also makes tricks a little more exciting.

Features of the New Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard by BoostedThis skateboard is a loaded longboard turned electric vehicle. It is powered by an automotive grade, lithium, rechargeable battery to make every day a little more exciting whether you are running errands, traveling to work, or hanging out with your friends in the park.

To take it one step further than the older style of Marbel electric skateboard, this board has mobile connectivity. This puts control of it into your hands because it is not one speed fits all. A skateboarder who is just learning how to ride, the speed can be set to 10mph. As your skills advance, so can your speed.

All over the board, there are multiple sensors and three built in microprocessors. This, along with the very powerful motor, provides all the torque that you will need to accelerate while traveling uphill, instead of only downhill.

This board is lightweight at only 13.6 pounds and it can travel for up to 7 miles using the battery. This may not sound like a lot of miles for some people, but for most skateboarders it is a sufficient amount of fun. The best part is, according to some users, is the simple fact that it can be slightly charged by you simply turning off the power mode and pushing it with your feet. Without the motor though, there is some added resistance.Boosted Skateboard Riding

On average, you can charge a dead battery on this Boosted Boards in about 50 minutes if you use the included charger. If your battery is not completely dead, it will take it less time to get back to a full charge.

The deck is made of Loaded Vanguard, flexible, bamboo so that you can enjoy carving more. The wheels are Orangatang in Heat. Each board is tested thoroughly before it leaves the warehouse because of the fact that Boosted Boards are committed to giving skaters a great riding experience.

Advice for Boosted Skateboarders

When it comes to finding an electric skateboard for sale, it is important to also consider safety gear. This is a powered skateboard and you would not want to end up getting hurt, especially if you are new to skateboarding. You also need to take time to learn how to skate before you take it out on the road. The learner level is not something you miss out on because you are likely to get hurt if you are not careful.Boosted Skateboard Top Side

Is the Electric Skateboard Seen On Kickstarter Worth It?

Many people do consider this the best electric longboard available. It is loved by a variety of people and all of those people are from different age groups. There are dads who play on it and teens who ride to and from school on their board. There are people who have never stepped on a skateboard and people who have skated for years. The one thing all of these people have in common is that they love it and welcome others to the group of electric skateboard users. In fact, there is a place you can visit on the web which allows you to share your experience and make new friends. Read More Here⇒