Cheap Go Karts for Sale

With all of the personal transportation options available on today’s market, there are a lot of ways for kids, and adults, to entertain themselves. Thanks to the introduction of smart balance boards and scooters of all types, people are beginning to remember those days once-upon-a-time when the biggest thrill was riding around in a go kart. They were expensive toys for most kids, but they were a lot of fun for the entire neighborhood! Now, luckily, because of the other transportation options available, there are a lot of cheap go karts for sale. You simply have to decide how many wheels you want for your newest toys.

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Go Karts or Scooters?

One of the biggest things you must consider when discovering how are go karts different than smart balance boards or gas powered scooters is obviously going to be safety. Smart balance boards are safe as long as you are able to balance yourself, but you do have to pay attention to battery life because many will suddenly stop when the battery runs out. Scooters are easier, especially when gas powered, but if you are unable to balance yourself and there are no seat or handlebars, you could easily tip over. A go kart, is better for people with balance issues along with those who just want the old school style of a go kart.

Go Kart Limitations?

A go cart, in some cases, can go several miles per hour. However, most often go carts are not considered, “street legal”. They are designed as vehicles to be used around your home and in your yard, or for traveling through the woods around your house. With a gas powered scooter or a self-balance board, you can ride down sidewalks or in bicycle lanes. Some gas powered scooters are considered street legal, meaning that you drive along the same as other vehicles. The best way to find out what is legal or not is to check with your state’s requirements and laws regarding go karts and scooters. Every states is different.

How Much are Go Karts?

When looking for go karts for sale, cheap, you will notice that you have a lot of options. There are many manufactures and certain features will cost you more than others. If you are comparing a go kart to a self-balance board or gas powered scooter, you will find that some go karts are about the same price as the cheaper balance board, but some can be a lot more expensive. If you are committed to a go kart, your best option may be to search for go karts for sale cheap used. To give you a better idea of the go karts that are available today, and their prices, you should check out the reviews below. This may help you decide on the features you want and which features you feel are affordable.

Razor Cheap Go KartRazor Dune Buggy

This is a great dune buggy for kids for kids 8 and up. It has an electric motor that can reach up to 10 mph and supports up to 120 pounds on its four 8” tires. It has a seatbelt, padded seat, and a solid steel frame to protect the driver. It is also reasonably priced at about $300 USD.

Go Kart ScooterX Sport

ScooterX Go Kart For Sale If you are looking for a gas go kart for sale, this could be the perfect one for you. It is reasonably priced around $925 USD and it can travel at speeds of up to 40mph. It has a hand brake and throttle, an automatic clutch, a 6.5 HP engine, and more. It is designed to be used by anyone ages 12 and up as long as you are less than 250 pounds. Read More Here⇒


Spider Cheap Go Kart For SaleSpider K28A

This is a high end go kart that has reverse. It is a two seater, meaning that you and a friend can both ride. It has electric brakes, a max speed of 38mph, the ability to hold up to 723 pounds, and it runs off regular gas. It has a solid steel frame and roll bars to protect the riders. However, it is more expensive than some of the other go karts available at nearly $2000 USD.

XRX Adult Go KartNew XRX Go Kart

This is perhaps one of the most expensive adult go karts for sale, but it can hold up two people with a combined weight of 500 pounds. It has a water cooled single cylinder 4 stroke engine and it can travel up to 50mph. It can even travel uphill as long as the incline is not more than 18 degrees. Read More Here⇒



Hauck Traxx Go Kart Gas PoweredHauck Traxx Thunder

This is a pedal powered go cart, which is ideal for kids’ ages 4-9 years old. Its price is only about $250 USD. It has a free wheel shifter in case things get too fast for your child and there is a roll cage on it to protect them from injuries while they are playing. Read More Here⇒