Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard Review

When it comes to electric skateboards, you have several options to choose from. The Dynacraft Surge is a popular, cost effective choice for anyone who wants to give an electric skateboard a try. The question is, does quality come in an affordable package? Read our Dynacraft Surge electric skateboard review to find out.

Features of the Dynacraft Surge

Surge by Dynacraft

This black and green skateboard can travel at speeds of up to 6 miles per hour when used on a solid road or concrete surface. This means it is not one of the fastest skateboards available, but it is still going to give you a fair amount of speed to play with.

It is designed for use by kids that are at least 8 years old, which further proves that it is designed for beginner skateboarders. It can support up to 145 pounds, so it can be used by kids even as they continue to grow into adulthood.

The Dynacraft comes with a remote control. With the remote, you can choose from three different levels of speed. The first speed is going to be the slowest and it is best for people who are trying to learn how to balance on their new skateboard. As your skill increases, so can the speed at which you travel.

This skateboard measures 33.3 x 12.4 x 8.5 inches. It weighs in at 22 pounds. This does mean that is a little heavy compared to some of the other available electric skateboards, but it is not unmanageable.

There is a warranty included by the manufacturer. It is a 1-year limited warranty for defects with the board and a 6-month limited warranty on the battery. However, the limited warranty does not cover damages that come from normal wear and tear, abuse, neglect, alteration, and other things that are not an issue with the workmanship.

The skateboard comes with a 24V rechargeable battery. There is an onboard on/off switch to help you conserve the battery when it is not in use. If you use the switch and only leave it on when you are using it, you should be able to travel for 5-8 miles on a single charge, depending on your weight and the area you are skateboarding in.

Owner Thoughts On the Surge Electric Skateboard

Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard

This skateboard holds an average rating of 4.3-stars. Most owners give it a 5-star rating. The biggest thing you have to keep in mind about this board is that it is designed to be user-friendly for children that are just learning how to skateboard with an electric skateboard. Most owners are parents or grandparents that purchased it for a child that wanted one. They say that it performs exactly as it was stated and that the child in their family loves riding on it. Most of the negative reviews for it stem from the fact that it is a slow board. This is stated clearly and if they had read the reviews, they would have known that before they purchased it. It is also clearly stated that people who are over 145 pounds should not try to ride it. Therefore, if you weigh more than that, you will want to choose a different board. The more you weigh, the slower it will go with you on it.

Is the Dynacraft Surge Worth Buying?

See the Dynacraft Surge Here

The answer to this question is, “yes” as long as you are buying it for a kid who wants to learn how to skateboard. Many people use it instead of a hoverboard because they feel that their child will be safer on it. If you are a skilled skateboarder, you will most likely hate this board because of the slower speed of travel on it. Therefore, we suggest that skilled riders choose another type of board to ride on, but if you are new and simply want a cheap board to try out, you will not go wrong with the quality of this skateboard. More about the Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard here⇒