Gas Powered Scooters for Adults

Why Choose Gas over Electric Scooters

When it comes to choosing a gas powered scooter over electric, you will find a variety of reasons to consider one over the others. However, most commonly the decision is made based on convenience, power, run time, and price.

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Power: Often if you choose gas scooters for adults, you will discover that they have more power in their motor compared to electric smart scooters. Many gas powered scooters can travel up to 35 mph, whereas an electric scooter is typically slower. However, there are some electric skateboards that can be just as fast, but it does come with a higher price.

Run Time: The gas powered scooters for adults that are available today are often able to travel 20+ miles on a single tank of gas. With most electric scooters you have to consider the terrain you are traveling on, how much you weigh, amongst other aspects to figure out how long you will be able to ride. In general most people say about 40 minutes on a single charge.

Price: There are a lot of cheap gas scooters for sale, but if you are looking to get one new, you can still expect to pay around $500-$600 USD, even if you want a higher end gas powered scooter. With an electric scooter, you could easily pay a lot less. However, most choices are made based on individual needs, and whether that extra power is worth the extra dollars.

Which Is More Durable, Gas Or Electric?

Gas powered motors generally take a little more maintenance to keep them running in top condition. With that little extra effort though, it can take you further and last you for many years. An electric powered scooter can also be a dependable source of transportation and enjoyment, but you have to worry about whether the battery will outlast the motor.

Gas Scooter For Adults Reviews

To help you see what is available in both gas powered and electric scooters, here are a few of the more popular picks. They each have features that most  enjoy at a price that is affordable for anyone who wants a gas powered scooter.

XG-575-DS A-Blaze Signature Series by Xtreme

Fasted Gas Powered ScooterThis two speed, gas powered scooter can reach speeds of up to 35mph and travel 20+ miles on a single tank of gas. It has a variable speed control, front and rear brakes, and a quick adjust chain. The maximum load is 265 pounds and it has a 90 day parts replacement warranty on it. Unfortunately, it is not available to ship to California because of CARB restrictions. Read More Here⇒



UberScoot 2x

Uber Scoot Adult Gas Powered ScooterIf you are looking for a 50cc scooter for sale at a great price, you need not look any further. The Uberscoot is a gas powered scooter that uses disk brakes and shocks. It has adjustable handlebars and a removable seat. It looks great thanks to the Revolutionary Puzey Design. Its top speed is about 35mph and it can carry up to 265 pounds. The tank holds about a quarter of a gallon and it can travel approximately 25 miles on a single tank. Read More Here⇒


Super Turbo 1000watt Elite

Super Cycle Gas Powered Scooter For AdultsThis sharp looking scooter has a LED headlight that is uncommon on most scooters. It allows you to travel in semi-dark conditions. It is an electric scooter that runs off of lead acid batteries. It can travel at speeds of up to 25 mph depending on the weight of the rider. On level ground, it should be able to take you approximately 10-14 miles. Read More Here⇒