Mini Segway Scooter Vs Mini Hoverboard

In recent, there is a lot of excitement over the idea of hover boards, though it is a concept that has been dreamed about for many years. Each day it becomes more and more possible. However, mostly the only ones that are available on the open market are dual or single wheeled scooters, such as the EROVER and the AirWheel X8. Do you know the difference between a mini Segway scooter vs Mini Hoverboard? If not, you may be getting something you do not necessarily want.

Popular Mini Segway & Scooter Options:

The Fantasy of Riding instead of Walking

People often get confused when discussing Mini Segway scooters and Mini Hover boards. They may be talking about one thing, but thinking about something else completely. They are practically the same thing and neither of them provide the same amount of thrill as the Lexus “Amazing in Motion” hoverboard, which uses air power to keep the rider slightly above the ground. The Lexus hoverboard is a very much anticipated board that has not yet been put into full production. This means, that until then, you must consider one of the other, more affordable and accessible options.

The simple truth is, there is very little difference nowadays between a Mini Segway and a Mini Hoverboard. There are just a lot of generic name brands and spin offs of the Segway human transporter, which first became the closest thing we had to a hoverboard, but it had handlebars that would come up from the base to about waist high.

Segway Self-Balancing Scooter

HoverboardThe Mini Segway scooter was at one time called a self-balancing scooter. It does not have handlebars to hold on to. You have to rely on your ability to stand up straight enough for the board to balance out. Many people feel it is a smarter way to travel faster to and from work or school. They key is that you control it using your body. A hoverboard looks the same and works in the same way, at this time, unless you choose a one wheel option. By having only one wheel instead of two, you do have to work a little harder at balancing and you will feel more like you are on the Lexus hoverboard. Either way, no matter which type of self-balancing scooter or hoverboard you choose to consider, everyone who already owns one will tell you that it is a lot of fun to ride.Mini Segway Scooter

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Is A Self Balancing Scooter Affordable Fun?

Luckily the mini Segway price is a lot more affordable than past Segways. Whereas the original Segway with handlebars may have cost you a couple thousand dollars easily, the newer mini Segway scooters are priced at about $300-$400 depending on the type that you choose to go with and whether you choose a true mini Segway or one of the other popular dual or single wheel scooters on the market. However, if you choose to go with an electric self-balancing scooter other than the ones mentioned here, which you can review on our site, you may end up paying a little more or a little less than you expect, depending on the features you prefer and whether you want one that has lights on it for riding during the evening hours. More On Mini Segway⇒