Motorized 1 Wheel Electric Standing Scooter

If you want to get around faster than walking, but want to challenge yourself as well, perhaps a one wheeled scooter will be exactly what you have been hoping for. It is a little rough to learn at first, but once you get to riding, the fun will not stop. However, most people are asking why the Air Wheel is a popular choice? Keep reading to learn the truth behind the motorized 1 wheel electric standing scooter, as others see it.Air Wheel 1 Wheel Standing Scooter

Is The Motorized Electric Standing Wheel Safe?

A 1 wheel scooter is something that is a little tricky to master. It is a single wheel with two pedals attached to it that you stand on. To move you simply need to power it on and then step onto it. To go forward, you lean toward the front of the wheel. To go backward, you lean in that direction. To turn, you simply shift your body weight from side to side. There is a safety feature built into its sensors that turn off the AirWheel X8 if it goes into any direction too far. This is to protect the rider from potential injury during a fall.

Why People Love The Air Wheel Challenge

Air Wheel training wheelsWhen you are just starting out on this motorized wheel you are given a pair of training wheels. This is to help you learn how to keep your balance while standing on it. It is recommended by the creators and the current owners that you definitely practice first with the training wheels. Most people recommend that you keep them on for a couple weeks before you try and take it solo.

However, if you do manage to get beyond the training wheels to where you are riding the motorized unicycle standing only with the one wheel, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that is unmatched by other scooters, even though the two wheeled kind operate the same way.

What Makes This 1 Wheel Scooter Special?

This scooter, even though it only has one wheel, can go up to 10 mph, which is about the same as other standing scooters. It has lights so that you can be seen by others. It has an LED light set that shows you how much battery you have remaining at a glance. When all 4 lights are lit, you have a fully charged battery to play with. This is a fully computerized scooter. It has sensors all over it to help you stay in control. However, when you are on it, you do need to consider your safety as well. This means avoiding steep inclines and always wear safety gear to protect you in case of an accident.

One single full charge can give you about an hour and a half of ride time, depending on how fast you want to travel and what the terrain is like. For instance, if you travel 10 minutes to work, but have a lot of hills to travel over, you will drain out your battery faster than you would if you had a smooth sidewalk and no hills.

Motorized Unicycle

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Is The Motorized Unicycle Worth It?

Some users do recommend that you pay close attention to the battery lights. When the battery power dies, the motorized 1 wheel electric standing scooter may shut off without warning. If this happens to you, you could very well end up falling. Considering the fact that you need a sidewalk or a parking lot to use it, the fall will be painful for you, especially if you do not have on the proper safety gear. The good news is that even those who have been injured while riding it, still enjoy getting back onto it when they heal up.

Overall, most people do feel that the Air Wheel USA is worth it. They enjoy the fact that they can travel nearly 10mph or the equivalent of a jog without ever getting tired from doing so. They love every part of it, even the attention that others give to them while they are enjoying themselves. Most people do agree that the biggest challenge is getting used to the way it moves and getting to the point where they can safely use it without training wheels. Read More On The Air Wheel Here⇒

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