Ninebot Single Wheel Electric Scooter Unicycle

Are you looking for the latest craze that many have been talking about? It’s neither the latest phone nor the latest tablet. It’s neither the fastest laptop nor car. It’s the most reviewed top selling one wheeled self balancing scooter from Ninebot.

Ninebot Electric Unicycle Ninebot OneE+ is a fashionable self balancing one wheeled scooter. It has an interactive function which allows the user to hover in style. This personal transportation tool only has one wheel and lets you drive it around up to about 35 kilometres (or 21 miles). The maximum speed of this unicycle can go up to 22 kilometres/hour (12-13 miles/hour) according to the manual.

Why buy the Ninebot One E+ Single Wheel Scooter?

  1. Stylish – Futuristic Design. We think that this is way ahead of its time in terms of the design and feature. Even compared to the 2 wheeled gyroscopic electric scooter, this is definitely years ahead in design.
  2. Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle Wheel Speed – The speed is also top notch. It can go up to 22km/hour which is not just as fast as a trained jogger running on a good day but a fast sprinter running for the gold medal. The usual jogging speed is about 9 – 14km/hr. This one wheel electric unicycle can go twice as fast as a normal jogger. Compared to the fastest 2 wheel self balancing scooter, this is at least 5 km/hr faster. You have to be a pro or at least wear protective gear to ride this unicycle at continuous top speed. It is constant at high speeds with no issues at all.
  3. Climbing Level at 20 degrees – This scooter can climb! Although it uses more battery power climbing steep roads, there is no doubt that it can sustain its climbing power even at 20 degrees. This is a great feature of the Ninebot One E+ because most self balancing scooters are ideal only for roads up to 15 degrees tilt. Testers have even tried it at greater slopes and it still can climb steeper roads.
  4. Overall Build – It’s the best build unicycle scooter on the market today. It doesn’t just looks sturdy but feels sturdy as well. It comes in white which really looks good on the device. Although it is not scratch resistant, it is tough and cannot easily be damaged. The pedals are definitely more superior compared to other models which can even endure wet weather.
  5. Responsive Controls – The gyroscopic controls are very responsive and are intuitive to normal movement. Once you get the hang of riding it, it is very manoeuvrable, even much more manoeuvrable than the 2 wheeled scooter.
  6. Gives you a quiet smooth ride – Compared to the Airwheel, this Ninebot is much quieter especially at high speed. It will only beep when you reach top speed. It is definitely much quieter than other electric scooters.

*Bonus – It comes with a training video to help you learn how to ride it with style.Electric Unicycle For Sale

Why think twice about buying this Gyroscopic Electric Wheel?

  1. Pricey – This is not a cheap toy. With all its features and its futuristic design, function and capability, it has to be pricey. Check Pricing Here⇒
  2. Charging time – it takes about 4 hours to charge as compared to other self balancing scooters which only take 2 hours to come to a full charge. Although it can run up to 35 kilometres on a full charge, just like other self balancing scooters.
  3. First ride difficulty – It will definitely not give you an easy first ride. Compared to two wheeled scooters, which you can master in less than 20 minutes, this can be more challenging to learn. Although controls are intuitive, it still is not for the faint of heart to try out. Although it is harder to learn, it is more fun and cooler than the 2 wheeled gyroscopic scooters.

Overall, this is definitely a great buy even if it is a bit pricey. The technology used in the scooter is a glimpse of the future. If you are to invest in a state of the art toy, this can be in your priority list. Read Owner Reviews Here⇒