Segway MiniPro Review

Segway is a very popular brand of scooter and they have a variety of styles available. One of the most talked about, though, is the MiniPro. Is it the scooter for you and your family? Will it get you where you want to go? Read our Segway MiniPro  review to find out.

Features of the Mini Segway

Segway MinPro Scooter

The Segway MiniPro has several features that people enjoy. However, the fact that you can control it using a free mobile app, is ranked near the top of the list. With your smartphone, you can put a lock on so that no one can steal it, adjust the speed, customize the lights, run diagnostics, and get firmware updates.

It can safely carry a person that is 220 pounds, but yet it remains lightweight and easy to carry. This is because it is built using durable aircraft grade magnesium alloy for the frame and air filled tires.

It is shock proof thanks to the military grade shocks. This means if you run over bumps, you will practically never feel it.

Just because it is a Mini Segway, you do not have to think you are sacrificing power. It has a dual motor that provides 1600 watts of power so that you can safely reach its top speed of 10mph. It can also travel up to 14 miles before needing a charge as long as you start out with a full battery.

Segway Mini Pro Electric Scooter

What Makes the Segway MiniPro Special?

One of the nice things about this scooter is the fact that it has a padded knee bar. This ensures your comfort and gives you more ability when it comes to precision steering. This makes it more comfortable than other hoverboards or electric scooters. It provides more control and that is always a good thing, especially on a self balancing Segway.

Is It Worth the Price?

As with most scooters by Segway, this is not cheap. This is because they offer quality that is unmatched by other companies. With over 400 reviews, this Segway still holds a 4.4-star rating. This should give you some idea of what owners feel about the product as a whole. Most owners state that it is not just a toy that your kids should play with. Many feel that it is a great solution to anyone who has trouble walking distances, but who prefer to walk to the store rather than drive their vehicle. Many say that it beats the idea of having to use a wheelchair when they venture out. Most admit that it will take some getting used to if you have never ridden a motorized vehicle without handlebars. Many even admit that when they first climbed on, they wiped out a few times. The biggest complaint is that it does weigh more than most would have hoped for, especially when considering the fact that Segway promises it is lightweight. With all of that, if you have the budget and you want a personal transportation vehicle like this, the MiniPro is the best of the best. If you still aren’t sure, make sure you check out more about the Segway MiniPro here⇒