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If you live close to your workplace or travel frequently to a friend’s house that is only a short distance away, you have the option to take your vehicle, ride a bike, or walk. Wasting gas for a block or two is not always worth it, riding a bike is effort that most people do not want to deal with, and for many people walking is painfully boringl. That is why there are now scooters available. They are easy to use, rechargeable, and fun. As long as you have a desire to play and an ability to balance, you could be enjoying your time on a single wheel scooter and electric skateboards.

Why Choose A One Wheeled Scooter?

Motorized UnicycleMany people talk about two wheel scooter vs. one wheeled scooters, but no one really says why one may be better than the other. If you want to get where you are going a little faster, then you may want the one wheeled scooter. The Ninebot, which is a one wheel, self-balancing, electric unicycle for sale can go about 21 mph, whereas the EROVER, a two wheeled scooter, can go about 12.5 mph maximum. However, the one wheel scooter is heavier than the double. Most double wheeled scooters can travel a longer distance than single wheeled, with single being only 5-6 miles, but both will depend on the terrain you are riding on and how heavy you are.
For instance, the Airwheel, New X3 Upgrade is a very popular choice for many, but according to one Airwheel review, a person who is 200 pounds may only be able to ride 4-5 miles. Recharge time is comparable with both and some of them may come with a carrying case, while others do not.

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Which Is Best for You, Single Wheel or Electric Skateboard?

Really, there is no one better option. You simply have to decide which style you would prefer. The thing is, if you read through the reviews, you will see that most people do consider the two wheeled scooters easier to ride than the one wheeled skateboard type scooters, even though they are rode basically the same way.
It works much the same as a two wheeled bicycle versus a one wheeled unicycle. The idea is the same, but it is harder to balance on one wheel, even though you may still have to pedal with both feet. With a scooter, you have to stand upright and lean in the direction you want to go. For many people, they feel more comfortable having two wheels to lean on rather than a single wheel. A lot of people start out with a two wheel set up and then give a one wheel scooter a try.

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If you know you want the single wheel scooter, there are scooters that come with training wheels, such as the New X3. If you have never given it a try, it is strongly recommended that you first try riding with the training wheels until you are sure you can handle it. You may even want to ride in a very unpopulated area so that you do not risk injury to yourself or others. Safety gear is also recommended if you are new to riding.

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