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Razor E300S Grey Electric Scooter

Razor E300S Electric Scooter Review

With all of the popularity that Razor electric scooters have going for them, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they constantly strive to create newer, better scooters for their fans. You have the small scooter for kids, the medium scooter for kids and young adults, and the adult version scooter as well. Now, they have taken it one step further with the E300S. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should take a look at our Razor E300S electric scooter review.

Razor E300S Grey Electric Scooter

What Makes the E300S Better?

The E300S by Razor has all of the same features that you love from the E300. It has the handbrake, the quiet motor, the 10” pneumatic tires, and the twist-grip throttle. It can run up to, and perhaps a little more than, 40 minutes continuously at speeds of up to 15 mph off of two 12V batteries, which are included. Adult riders can enjoy it as long as they are less than 220 pounds. The E300S also keeps the large deck and all steel frame that makes it both easier to ride and durable.

The biggest difference between the E300 and the E300S is that the “S” model features a seat for the rider to sit down on. The seat is removable so that if you prefer to sit and ride, but your child would rather stand, you can easily take the seat off. You simply have to remove four screws and it will become the E300, which is the fastest Razor electric scooter available. It is also available in either grey or pink to match your unique personality.

Do Owners Feel the E300S Is Best?

Razor E300S Pink Electric Scooter

Overall, the reviews for this electric scooter are positive. The owners who love it have given it a 4.1-star rating after nearly 500 reviews. Owners state that it is well constructed, fast enough to get them where they want to go and comfortably because of the seat. They use it for traveling to class on a college campus, they use it for their commute to work if they live in the city, and they use it to travel around their neighborhood if they live in the suburbs. Some owners even give helpful hints on ways to make it more useful, such as a basket attached to the front of it so that you can haul groceries or other items in the basket when you are on an adventure, whether to work or as play.

However, with all the positives, you do have a few negatives. They are the same negatives that you have with all other electric scooters. Some people say that the battery life is too short, some have issues with the way it runs, they want more speed or less speed, etc. In most cases, the problems could be something that the owner is not doing as they should. For instance, you should charge your battery initially for 12 hours and you should never leave your battery charging for more than 24 hours. If you fail to do either of these things, you will damage the battery and it will not last you as long as it should.

Is the Razor E300S Worth It?

If you are content to ride along standing up on a scooter, you may be able to save money by choosing the E300 since it offers all of the same features, except for the seat. If you hope to make a scooter your primary source of transportation, you may feel more comfortable riding when you have a seat under you. It only costs a little more to be comfortable when you are using your scooter. They do not use fuel, so they are great for the environment, and when you are going 15 mph, it is a lot faster than walking to work. Therefore, we do feel that it is very much worth considering for most people and we encourage you to look a little more closely at your option to own it. More about the Razor E300S here⇒