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Airwheel Electric skateboard

Airwheel Electric Skateboard Review

When it comes to self balancing scooters, many people feel unsteady on them. Many prefer a little larger standing area. The Airwheel Electric Skateboard promises to help you feel more stable, even if you have ever stepped on a skateboard before. The question is; is it as dependable as a scooter and does it make most people feel more stable?

Airwheel Electric skateboard

Features of the Airwheel Electric Skateboard

The Airwheel skateboard gives you the surfing experience anytime you want it, regardless of where you are. This is because it moves freely while you stand on it with one foot in front of the other, leaning slightly if you want to turn in one direction or another.

It may be more difficult to use if you have never been on a skateboard, but this does not mean that it is impossible to do. You just may have to practice a little more before you take off on a trip to the local skate park or errand run.

This skateboard is controlled by a wireless remote that the rider which provides full control over the board and it is also bi-directional which means you can go forward or backward. It also ensures that you keep both feet on the board, not one attempting to push off for more speed.

The Airwheel electric board can also connect to a smart phone App so that you can listen to your favorite tunes while you are riding along. The board is completely wireless so you do not have to worry about getting tripped by cords.

Airwheel tires

It has larger all terrain rubber tires which have built in damper masses. Both aspects give you more durable tires and more stability. They are also less likely to skid than other electric boards.

This skateboard has the ability to go up to 12 mph. This will vary based on how much you weigh, your riding skills, the road you are on, and more. It takes only 120 minutes for the battery to reach a full charge and a single charge will enable you to go around 10 miles. This will also depend on your weight, the speed you are traveling, and other things.

The board itself has a 1-year warranty. The tires are covered by a 1-month warranty and the batteries are covered for 6 months.

Owner’s Thoughts about the Airwheel Electric Skateboard

Airwheel battery powered skateboard

This skateboard is the best electric skateboard according to many owners. Most say that it is a lot of fun to ride and they promise that you will not be disappointed in your investment. The only issues that current owners mention is that over time, it can become slow to start moving. This is why it holds a 3.7-star rating with only a few reviews.

Is The Airwheel Skateboard Worth the Price?

This electric skateboard is not the easiest to use for a beginner. However, most people say that if you want an electric skateboard for sale cheap, this is a great option. Perhaps one of the best you could get. That is why we feel it is worth it if you want a skateboard that is electric or battery powered. More about the Airwheel Electric Skateboard here⇒