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Prodeco V4 Outlaw EX

Prodeco V4 Outlaw EX 8 Speed Electric Bicycle Review

Prodeco is a manufacturer that offers high-quality electronic bicycles. They are built using only the best materials and technology .The V4 Outlaw is an upgraded Prodeco bicycle. Keep reading our Prodeco V4 Outlaw EX 8 speed electric bicycle review to discover why so many people love this bike.

Prodeco V4 Outlaw EX

Prodeco V4 Outlaw Features

This brand new model has an SRAM X9 drive train, with the SRAM X0 Twist 8 speed mid derailleur shifter and a double-crown DH magnesium suspension fork. If you need to come to a stop, you will be using high-powered Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disk brakes.

The tires on this bicycle are high traction Continental Trail Kings. They measure 26 x 2.4 inches. It also has leather grips and a Velo Plush saddle to add style and comfort when you are riding.

This electric bicycle can travel at a speed of around 28 mph. This depends on the rider but overall it is a quick bicycle to rind on. Especially, when you consider the fact that a single charge can take you between 20-30 miles. Again, this does depend on the rider and the terrain in which you are riding on.

The extreme power that this bike has would not be possible without the powerful 750-watt drive motor present. The motor is powered by a 48V battery. One of the advantages to a direct drive motor is that you can even power up inclines with a total of about 1.6HP.

It is possible to use the motor and the pedals at the same time. You can run this bike in assist mode where you are pedaling and the motor is there to back you up. This makes it ideal for off-roading experiences. Pedal assist is nice, but it only adds power when you are already pedaling. The Outlaw has thumb controls so that you can use it instead of pedaling or along with you getting your daily exercise.

This bicycle is also very cool looking in style. Even though it appears to be grey in most lighting situations, it has a pearl metallic finish that will change colors as you ride. The metallic will change based on the sunlight that comes into contact with it, ensuring that your bike will always draw attention no matter where you are riding.

What Do Owners Think of the V4 Outlaw?

It seems as though most owners love the Outlaw V4 and it is proven by the overall rating of 4.6 stars. One owner states that it is ideal for his commute of approximately 10 miles because he can get to work within about 45 minutes. Most people use words like, “Awesome”, “Sweet” and “Fun” to describe the Outlaw. Most agree that the tires on it are big and beefy enough to get where they want to go. The only real complaint that anyone has, is that the charger is lacking in some ways. The good news is; the battery charger needs only needs to be a 110v charger. This means that you may be able to find other charging options.

Prodeco Outlaw V4

Is the V4 Outlaw by Prodeco Right for You?

This bike is designed for the aggressive rider who wants to go out thrill-seeking. It is perfect for the person who wants to feel the wind on their face as they knock out the miles on their next adventure. Due to the fact that it is a very fast electronic bicycle, you should consider wearing some protective gear if you are new to the sport. If this sounds like something you can live with and you want to make cycling to work, school, or any other area more exciting; this will be the bike that you have been dreaming of. The owner reviews prove it better than we can. More about the Prodeco V4 Outlaw here⇒