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Cyclamatic Electric Bike

Cyclamatic Bicycle Electric Foldaway Bike Review

It is not always easy to pedal your way to work or school, especially if it's a good distance away. That is why Cyclamatic built a bicycle that you wouldn’t have to work so hard to ride and enjoy. The question is, “Does it really work as well as you may hope?” To answer this question, you need to read our Cyclamatic bicycle electric foldaway bike review.

Features of the Cyclamatic Foldaway Electric Bicycle

Cyclamatic Electric Bike

This bicycle is powered by a fully sealed, lithium-ion battery. With a single charge, you can go approximately 30 miles without using any personal power. However, the benefit to this battery-powered bike is that if you want to use your own pedaling power, you can turn the motor off and use it like a traditional bike. If you want to pedal, but desire  more speed, you can also set it to "assist mode", which makes each pedal motion more productive and faster with less effort.

The Cyclamatic folds in half to make it easy to store when not in use. It folds at a mid-point area on the cross bar using a quick lock release system. It takes you only 5 minutes to fold it down and set it back up so that it is ready to go again.

It has a polished aluminum frame to ensure it is lightweight. This light frame and a brushed motor allows you to travel at a maximum speed of 13 mph. The motor is very low maintenance ensuring that you can expect a long life.

Cyclamatic electric bike controls

If you can balance yourself on a traditional style bike, you can enjoy riding this electric bicycle. It is also made easier by the twist-shift accelerator and thumb shift 6 speed Shimano gears.

The Cyclamatic bicycle has a spring loaded kickstand, a luggage rack, bell, and reflectors. It has a 12-month warranty against any manufacturing defects or workmanship. This warranty covers the battery, controller, motor, and more.

This bike weighs 51 pounds when the battery is in place. The Cyclamatic is a full sized bike that is ideal for most adult riders.

Why Owners Love the Foldaway Electric Bike by Cyclamatic

This bicycle has an average rating of 4.4 stars. This is fairly impressive compared to other battery-powered transportation devices. Most owners use it for commuting and say that when it first arrives, it will take you approximately 30 minutes to assemble. They are average sized adults and most state that it can reach 16 miles per hour on a straight road and closer to 20 mph when they are going downhill. This is faster than the bike specs state. Most owners admit that at first, the brakes may squeak and the gears may be very tight. However, after using it for a little while, everything adjusts itself so that the squeaks and tightness go away. There are some owners who have had it for a couple years already and they still love it. The one major negative review states that they are not able to find replacement parts in local areas.

Is The Cyclamatic Electric Bicycle Worth It?

The Cyclamatic is a little pricy for a bicycle, but considering the fact that it can get you where you need to go without you having to break a sweat, it may be worth it to many potential owners. It is easy to operate and extremely reliable, even if you go months without using it, chances are good it will still have a full charge when you bring it out again. The biggest issue is, it will be difficult to carry and load into a small car. Even though it is foldable, it still does not fold down to a small package. Therefore, you may want to consider this as a potential issue. In general, most all people who purchase it, will be completely satisfied with it. More about the Cyclamatic electric foldaway bicycle here⇒