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Trail Maker by Extreme Scooters

X-Treme Scooters Men’s Mountain Bike Review

The X-Treme scooters, men’s mountain bike is stylish enough to ride around town, but durable enough to handle the most extreme terrain. To help you see all that it has to offer, we offer our X-Treme Scooters Men’s mountain bike review.

X-Treme Scooters Trail Maker Features

Trail Maker by Extreme Scooters

The Trail Maker is powered by 7 lightweight lithium ion batteries ensuring that you have plenty of power. These batteries are powerful enough to take you up to 25 miles on a single charge.

The batteries are also what makes the 300-watt brushless rear hub motor work as well as it does. This allows for the motor to be located in the center of the rear wheel.

It is made using only the highest quality components. It has 7 speed Shimano tourney gears and shifter system. You have access to variable speeds using the twist throttle. If you are feeling energetic, you can use the pedals or even run the bike with power assistance.

The frame is made of 100% aluminum alloy to ensure it is lightweight. This further enables you to travel easily at speeds of up to 20mph.

The seat is adjustable and has a 37.75-inch-high handlebar at the lowest setting. Extended up; it is 45.75 inches high. This ensures your total comfort when riding, even over long distances.

It has an RST Capa T7 front fork, a headlight, key start system, a bell, the tool kit, and a cargo rack. There is also an easy to read battery indicator so that you always know how much power you have and a smart charger to use with the battery. When the bike is assembled with the battery and all extras, you have a bicycle that weighs in at 51.8 pounds. This is fairly lightweight for an e-bike.

The bicycle is covered under a 90-day X-Treme warranty. There is a one-year warranty on the battery. This is a nice feature considering some of the top complaints on any electronic bike is battery failure.

Do Owners Love the Trail Maker Mountain Electronic Bike?

EXtreme Scooters Trail Maker

This bicycle boasts an overall rating of 4.1 stars. Most everyone who has purchased it, love it and use it for a variety of different activities. There are people who use it on bike trails and people who use it as their daily transportation option. According to most owners, they  love it, and state that you cannot own a better bike. However, there are several people who have had issues with the bike and/or the X-treme Scooters customer support team. Some have had issues with the bike and then they were unable to contact customer support to get the needed repairs or parts for it. This could be a major problem for some, but if you look at a majority of the owner reviews, they say that the customer support team has been very helpful and the bicycle was fixed quickly.

Is the X-Treme Scooters Mountain Bike Right for You?

This mountain bike can handle trails and other areas that normal electronic bikes cannot. There is something impressive about that ability. Many people love it for all that it can do and it does come at a price that is affordable in comparison to other e-bikes.Therefore, we feel it is an overall impressive e-bike that is worth considering. More about the Xtreme Scooters Men’s Trail Maker Mountain Bike here⇒

Razor MX500 Motocross e-bike

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review

Since 2000, the company Razor has been on the lips of everyone who loves combining battery power with everyday ride-on toys. They have done the same with bicycles and even dirt bikes like the MX500 Dirt Rocket motocross bike. The MX500 promises speed and power you can count on, but you may want to read our Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket review to find out if it is truly a good ride for all.

Razor MX500 Motocross e-bike

Features of the MX500 by Razor

This motocross bike has been scaled down enough that it can be powered by a 500-watt electric motor, but it still maintains the authentic dirt bike frame’s geometry. The biggest thing that sets it apart from a gas powered motocross bike is the amount of noise that it will make. The MX500 is very quiet.

It has dual suspension and adjustable riser handlebars. This enables a smooth and comfortable ride for anyone who climbs on, even when you are riding along at the top speed of 15mph.

This bike uses large pneumatic knobby tires to ensure the maximum amount of power transfer. It also has folding metal footpegs, a retractable kickstand, a double crown fork, and the 36V sealed lead acid battery. The charger will be included with your purchase.

It is recommended that kids be 14-years-old to ride on this bike. They can then enjoy it until they are up to 175 pounds.

Razor MX500 Display

This bike can travel for up to 10 miles on a single charge. This means that it can continuously run for approximately 40 minutes, even if you are off-roading. However, it does take it approximately 8 hours to charge up from a fully drained battery. The MX500 measures 56 x 24.5 x 36 inches. It weighs 112 pounds.

Why People Choose the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket

More than 350 people have purchased this Dirt Rocket by Razor and it has earned a 4.5-star rating. Most grandparents and parents say that they love it for a variety of reasons. Some like that it is very quiet, even when the bike is near the house. They also like how easy it is to assemble. Some have been riding this bike for a year or more already and say that it is still performing the way it did when it was purchased.

It is true that the closer you get to the maximum weight limit, the slower it will go and the less battery it will have. However, people who are nearing the maximum weight limit should still have plenty to enjoy when they are riding their motocross bike by Razor.

Should You Consider the MX500?

The MX500 is not the first motocross bike by Razor. However, it does have features that the others do not. One of the biggest features is that it has a higher maximum weight limit. This means that kids will be able to enjoy it for a longer amount of time. It also travels at a faster speed. Most people seem to want this bike if they have a child in their life that hopes to ride a true gas powered dirt bike. It is a perfect training bike and even though you should always wear safety gear on it, you do not have to worry about getting severely injured while you are learning. If this sounds like something you would be interested in having for your child, then there really is no reason for you to not consider owning it. More about the Razor MX500 here⇒

Prodeco V4 Outlaw EX

Prodeco V4 Outlaw EX 8 Speed Electric Bicycle Review

Prodeco is a manufacturer that offers high-quality electronic bicycles. They are built using only the best materials and technology .The V4 Outlaw is an upgraded Prodeco bicycle. Keep reading our Prodeco V4 Outlaw EX 8 speed electric bicycle review to discover why so many people love this bike.

Prodeco V4 Outlaw EX

Prodeco V4 Outlaw Features

This brand new model has an SRAM X9 drive train, with the SRAM X0 Twist 8 speed mid derailleur shifter and a double-crown DH magnesium suspension fork. If you need to come to a stop, you will be using high-powered Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disk brakes.

The tires on this bicycle are high traction Continental Trail Kings. They measure 26 x 2.4 inches. It also has leather grips and a Velo Plush saddle to add style and comfort when you are riding.

This electric bicycle can travel at a speed of around 28 mph. This depends on the rider but overall it is a quick bicycle to rind on. Especially, when you consider the fact that a single charge can take you between 20-30 miles. Again, this does depend on the rider and the terrain in which you are riding on.

The extreme power that this bike has would not be possible without the powerful 750-watt drive motor present. The motor is powered by a 48V battery. One of the advantages to a direct drive motor is that you can even power up inclines with a total of about 1.6HP.

It is possible to use the motor and the pedals at the same time. You can run this bike in assist mode where you are pedaling and the motor is there to back you up. This makes it ideal for off-roading experiences. Pedal assist is nice, but it only adds power when you are already pedaling. The Outlaw has thumb controls so that you can use it instead of pedaling or along with you getting your daily exercise.

This bicycle is also very cool looking in style. Even though it appears to be grey in most lighting situations, it has a pearl metallic finish that will change colors as you ride. The metallic will change based on the sunlight that comes into contact with it, ensuring that your bike will always draw attention no matter where you are riding.

What Do Owners Think of the V4 Outlaw?

It seems as though most owners love the Outlaw V4 and it is proven by the overall rating of 4.6 stars. One owner states that it is ideal for his commute of approximately 10 miles because he can get to work within about 45 minutes. Most people use words like, “Awesome”, “Sweet” and “Fun” to describe the Outlaw. Most agree that the tires on it are big and beefy enough to get where they want to go. The only real complaint that anyone has, is that the charger is lacking in some ways. The good news is; the battery charger needs only needs to be a 110v charger. This means that you may be able to find other charging options.

Prodeco Outlaw V4

Is the V4 Outlaw by Prodeco Right for You?

This bike is designed for the aggressive rider who wants to go out thrill-seeking. It is perfect for the person who wants to feel the wind on their face as they knock out the miles on their next adventure. Due to the fact that it is a very fast electronic bicycle, you should consider wearing some protective gear if you are new to the sport. If this sounds like something you can live with and you want to make cycling to work, school, or any other area more exciting; this will be the bike that you have been dreaming of. The owner reviews prove it better than we can. More about the Prodeco V4 Outlaw here⇒

Gigabyke Groove

Gigabyke Groove Eco-Friendly Electric Moped Scooter E-Bike Review

Gigabyke Groove

A moped is a great way to travel, but there is still room for improvement, especially if you want an eco-friendly transportation source. That is why many people are opting to go with an electric moped. They are similar to scooters, but look more like a moped. This means they are more stylish and often preferred by more people when it comes to commuting from work to home or traveling around a college campus. Gigabyke is one popular brand of eco-friendly mopeds, but you have to wonder if they are worth the price. Read our Gigabyke Grove Eco-friendly electric moped scooter e-bike review to find out.

Features of the Gigabyke Grove

This is a bike that runs off a 750W brushless motor. It can reach speeds of up to 20mph and runs an average of 35 miles on a single charge thanks to its 48V 14Ah rechargeable battery. This makes it perfect for people who want to commute to and from work easier and avoid the hassle of mixing fuel. The battery takes only 6 hours to reach a full charge after being drained. If you happen to run out of battery when you are out on the road, you can pedal the moped to where you want to go.

It is 100% street legal in most areas, but you should check your local laws to make sure before you venture out. In most cases, you do not need a license, registration, or insurance to drive this electric moped. If you do need a VIN number, there is one located on the frame’s fork tube.

Gigabyke Groove Speedometer

The Gigabyke Groove has an LED headlight, turn signals, a digital speedometer, and front disk brakes to ensure that you can travel safely wherever you choose to ride. It also comes with a battery charger that is specially designed to work with the battery on board.

This scooter/moped can carry a load that is up to 250 pounds. This means that it is usable by most adults and that you will also have the ability to carry smaller items on board with you. You can take a trip to the store and get a few items and not have to worry about maxing out your weight limits. You could even ride with a friend as long as your combined weight does not exceed 250 pounds. The more weight you add beyond that, the more you will slow it down.

It has a 45-inch wheel base and weighs 176 pounds. This means you may not want to have to pick it up, but you should still be able to pedal it if you need to. The overall dimensions of it are 64.75L x 24.5W x 39.75H inches.

See the Gigabyke E-Bike

Do Owner’s Feel the Gigabyke E-Bike is Worth It?

Pretty much everyone who has purchased this electronic bike say that if you want a fun ride, you should take one of these for a spin. That is why they give it a total of 4.7-stars. The owners who love it admit that it is quite heavy and you will not want to have to carry it very far. They also recommend that you take advantage of the pedaling because it can conserve your battery if you are going up a hill. Their words of praise include phrases such as super quiet, amazing, a great buy, affordable, etc. Current owners say that the customer service department is attentive and will help you out if you have any issues. Some owners have had it arrive damaged during shipping and customer service takes care of their issue quickly by sending replacement parts with no cost to the buyer.

Gigabyke Groove front and rear

Is the Gigabyke Groove Right for You?

Overall, the current owner reviews for this bike show that it is a good buy. There are no real negative reviews for it anywhere on the internet. It has at least a 3-star rating from every owner with most being higher. It looks great, with its bold red coloring and overall design. The battery can be upgraded to cut down on some of the weight, which could also increase the speed and miles you are able to travel. Therefore, we feel that it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a motorized moped. More about the Gigabyke Groove Electric Moped Scooter here ⇒

Razor E125

Razor E125 Electric Scooter Review

If you want a way to help your kids get where they want to go, faster, without walking, and without peddling during the heat of the summer, you may want to consider getting them a Razor. The Razor is a fun way to travel and the E125 promises to be sleek, stylish, and tons of fun.

Features of the E125

This scooter is black and silver to ensure it looks great no matter who you are buying it for. It also has a high torque, chain driven motor which is powered by a twist grip throttle.

Razor E125

If you are concerned about your child not getting their daily exercise, you should know that your child will have to push start the E125. If your child does not push start it to get it going, the motor will not engage. However, once engaged, the motor will help them travel at up to 10mph. This fact should make parents feel that their child is going to be safe when riding. It is fast enough to be fun and useful, but not fast enough to be hard to control.

This electric scooter by Razor is fully adjustable to fit your child. The handlebar can raise or lower to ensure that your child can have easy access to the hand operated front brake whether they are the recommended 8-years-old or larger and closer to the maximum size or weight limit.

On a full charge, this scooter can travel at max speed for up to 40 minutes. However, this does depend on the size of the rider, the riding conditions, whether you have taken care of the battery.

It is lightweight for a scooter of its size and style. The dimensions, when put together, is 13.5 x 19.25 x 34.75 inches depending on how high you have your handlebar adjusted to. It weighs in at 25.25 pounds. This could be a little heavy for an 8-year-old, but not unmanageable.

It comes with two 12 volt batteries, a charger, and all tools that you will need to get it started.

The Razor E125 is covered by a full 90-day warranty to protect you from any manufacturer defects. This ensures your satisfaction.

E125 razor electric scooter

How Does the E125 Measure Up?

There are a lot of scooters on the market and all of them claim to be the best. The Razor E125 is an updated version of the Razor E100. They offer a lot of the same features, but the E125 is easier to adjust to fit your child. They both have the 120 maximum weight limit restriction and they are comparable in price. There are other Razors that can hold more weight for adult riders. Those do cost more money and offer features that can make an adult rider more content, including a slightly higher speed.

Check Out More on the Razor E125

Is the Razor E125 Worth Buying?

This scooter holds a very good rating of 4.5 stars after more than 100 votes. Most parents say that it is easy for their child to control and enjoy, even kids that are under the recommended 8 years old. They like that it goes fast enough to keep the kids happy yet safe. It is easy to control and their kids have never been hurt when riding it. Some parents do advise that use in the dirt is not a good idea. The dirt will throw the chain off track. There are also some people who say that the batteries are not going to last long. However, this could be due to the fact that the batteries are not charged to full capacity the first time. When you first receive the scooter, you have to charge the batteries for a full 12 hours. If you take it off charge before the 12 hours, you risk damaging the batteries. Some parents also say that their child enjoys the original push drive Razor over the motorized. This is something that is a problem with the E125, but still it lowers the overall rating. For this reason, we feel that it is a good investment if you feel that your child would enjoy a battery powered scooter. More about the Razor E125 here⇒

Razor e200

Razor E200 Electric Scooter Review

The goal of the Razor company is to create an electric scooter that everyone can enjoy. Younger kids do not need a lot of speed, but adults will want to get where they want to go as quickly as possible. That is why there are so many different options when it comes to the Razor electric scooters. The children’s scooters are, according to some, too slow to be fun. The Razor E200 promises more speed, more fun, and a higher maximum weight limit. Does it manage to provide it, but still maintain its dependable durability? Read our Razor E200 review to find out.

Features of the E200 Electric Scooter

Razor e200

One of the main features of this scooter is the fact that it comes with a high-performance motor that is chain driven. You give it power by using the twist grip throttle, which is located on the handlebar. By twisting it a little, you can take this scooter up to 12mph. No matter what speed you are traveling, this scooter’s motor will be quiet.

It uses a 24V lead acid sealed battery system to give the scooter motor power. This battery is rechargeable and promises to be long-lasting.

Another control that you have on the handlebars is a hand operated rear brake. This means you control the speed with your hand and also brake with your hand.

This scooter comes with everything you need to get started on the path of riding your electric scooter. You receive a UL approved battery charger, all the tools you need to get the 8in pneumatic tires on, and a spring loaded kickstand to keep it upright when not in use. You can also purchase a scooter with the helmet or a scooter with pads. The best news is; it is easy to assemble!

The Razor E200 weighs in at 38.69 pounds. It measures 40.94 x 16.81 x 37.68 inches. This makes it ideal for a variety of people. It is designed to be easy to use for beginners, but it is also for children that are 13-years-old and up. The maximum weight limit is 154 pounds, so that adults can use it as well.

Razpr E200 Deck

With one full charge, this scooter can be used for up to 40 minutes. To charge the battery the first time will take you approximately 12 hours. After that, recharging should not take the same amount of time.

It does have a full sized scooter deck to give you plenty of room to stand. It rides and stops smoothly to help beginners remain in control at all times.

What Do Owners of the Razor E200 Say?

The E200 is a very popular choice for many parents. It holds a 4.3-star rating after 470+ reviews. Many reviewers have owned it and used it on a daily basis for months if not a year or more. They all say that it is very reliable and enjoyable to use, for themselves and their children. Some have used it to help them with transportation to work. If you use it for this purpose, you might have issues, especially if there are a lot of hills in your area or rough sidewalks. You will most likely have to push it up hills. Rain can cause issues with the chain, but only to the extent of having to re-oil it. Some people have had issues with the battery not holding a charge, but it could be that they take it off the charger too soon. Even though it is designed for 13-year-old children and up, there are many parents who say that their younger child loves riding it.

See the Razor E200

Is The E200 by Razor Worth Buying?

In general, most people are pleased with their investment if they chose this electric scooter. It is a battery powered Razor that gives you a little more speed for about the same price as you could purchase Razor scooters with a lower maximum weight limit. For this reason, we feel that upgrading to this scooter could be a wise choice for most families. More about the Razor E200 here⇒

Razor E300S Grey Electric Scooter

Razor E300S Electric Scooter Review

With all of the popularity that Razor electric scooters have going for them, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they constantly strive to create newer, better scooters for their fans. You have the small scooter for kids, the medium scooter for kids and young adults, and the adult version scooter as well. Now, they have taken it one step further with the E300S. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should take a look at our Razor E300S electric scooter review.

Razor E300S Grey Electric Scooter

What Makes the E300S Better?

The E300S by Razor has all of the same features that you love from the E300. It has the handbrake, the quiet motor, the 10” pneumatic tires, and the twist-grip throttle. It can run up to, and perhaps a little more than, 40 minutes continuously at speeds of up to 15 mph off of two 12V batteries, which are included. Adult riders can enjoy it as long as they are less than 220 pounds. The E300S also keeps the large deck and all steel frame that makes it both easier to ride and durable.

The biggest difference between the E300 and the E300S is that the “S” model features a seat for the rider to sit down on. The seat is removable so that if you prefer to sit and ride, but your child would rather stand, you can easily take the seat off. You simply have to remove four screws and it will become the E300, which is the fastest Razor electric scooter available. It is also available in either grey or pink to match your unique personality.

Do Owners Feel the E300S Is Best?

Razor E300S Pink Electric Scooter

Overall, the reviews for this electric scooter are positive. The owners who love it have given it a 4.1-star rating after nearly 500 reviews. Owners state that it is well constructed, fast enough to get them where they want to go and comfortably because of the seat. They use it for traveling to class on a college campus, they use it for their commute to work if they live in the city, and they use it to travel around their neighborhood if they live in the suburbs. Some owners even give helpful hints on ways to make it more useful, such as a basket attached to the front of it so that you can haul groceries or other items in the basket when you are on an adventure, whether to work or as play.

However, with all the positives, you do have a few negatives. They are the same negatives that you have with all other electric scooters. Some people say that the battery life is too short, some have issues with the way it runs, they want more speed or less speed, etc. In most cases, the problems could be something that the owner is not doing as they should. For instance, you should charge your battery initially for 12 hours and you should never leave your battery charging for more than 24 hours. If you fail to do either of these things, you will damage the battery and it will not last you as long as it should.

Is the Razor E300S Worth It?

If you are content to ride along standing up on a scooter, you may be able to save money by choosing the E300 since it offers all of the same features, except for the seat. If you hope to make a scooter your primary source of transportation, you may feel more comfortable riding when you have a seat under you. It only costs a little more to be comfortable when you are using your scooter. They do not use fuel, so they are great for the environment, and when you are going 15 mph, it is a lot faster than walking to work. Therefore, we do feel that it is very much worth considering for most people and we encourage you to look a little more closely at your option to own it. More about the Razor E300S here⇒

Razor Pocket Mod

Razor Pocket Mod Euro Electric Scooter Review

Razor Pocket Mod

Since 2000 when Razor first invented their first scooter, they have attempted to create “the next best scooter”. At first, they were standard kick-push scooters, but they soon moved into creating electric powered scooters. One of their newest is the Pocket Mod Euro. It is a scooter that is well beyond the push start scooters that the company started with. If you are wondering whether they are worth it or not, read our Razor Pocket Mod Euro review.

Features of the Pocket Mod Euro

The Pocket Mod Euro is a vintage inspired scooter with the upgrade of a chain driven electric motor. This means that it runs quietly and smoothly on its 12-inch pneumatic tires and rear suspension system.

This scooter can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge, even if you are running at the scooter’s top speed of 15mph. The battery is built in and it is one of the fastest Razor scooters available.

The one feature that truly sets it apart from all other Razor scooters is the way it looks. It has a full seat for riders to sit on and a full headlight that is placed on the front fender so that you can travel during the evening hours. It has an on/off power switch. It is a stylish scooter instead of a few bars and a deck for you to ride on and it is a style which appeals to a variety of people.

This scooter is intended to be used by anyone that is 13 years or older. The maximum weight limit of it is 170 pounds and it comes with a 90-day warranty to help ensure that it is right for you.

Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

The Pocket Mod Euro scooter is available in four beautiful, bold colors. You can choose from these four styles: Betty, Sweet Pea, Vapor, and Hot Mod. Each one ideal to suit your personality and preferences. All styles have an under the seat storage area. If you choose the Sweet Pea design, you will also receive a bell and handlebar streamers.

Owner’s Thoughts about the Pocket Mod Euro

To sum up how most people feel about this battery powered electric scooter, you have only to look at the numbers. Out of more than 1,050 reviews, it holds a 4.5-star rating. This is higher than all other Razor scooters available. Parents who have purchased this scooter for their children cannot say enough good about how well their children can handle it. Most say that as long as your child can ride a bike, they can handle the scooter. However, they must be responsible enough to know how to handle it because it is a trotle-operated machine. That is why the recommended age is 13, but kids of any age can ride it. As for adults, the only true downside to it would be whether you are tall. A tall rider may have some difficulty riding it comfortably. Most people are not disappointed by the fact a full charge only lasts for approximately an hour. The reason for this, according to most, is that the time frame is an hour continuous riding and very few people, especially teens, will ride it nonstop for that amount of time.

Of the few negative reviews, most are centered around the battery. They say that the battery is defective because it does not hold a charge properly or that the battery freezes during the winter and stops working completely. Most of the charging issues with electric scooters are because people do not charge them completely. If you fail to charge it properly, your battery will suffer. That is why most scooters have a warning on them that you must charge to full before taking it off the charger.

Razor Pocket Mod Euro Electric Scooter

Is the Pocket Mod Euro by Razor Worth It?

This scooter is perfect for most families. It is ideal for small commutes to and from work and it is great for kids to use when they want to go to a friend’s house. People who live on a college campus could use it as well. It is priced affordably and promises to be something your family can use for many years with proper maintenance. That is why we personally feel that it is a good investment for anyone. More about the Razor Pocket Mod Euro here⇒

Yukon Trails Xplorer Sport

Yukon Trails Xplorer Sport Hybrid Electric Bike Review

The bikes that you will find available from Yukon are designed to be affordable. They have long lasting batteries and top of the line materials throughout. That is why so many people are taking a good look at their newest addition, the Sport Hybrid bicycle. Take a look at our Yukon Trails Xplorer sport hybrid electric bike review to find out if it is what you are truly looking for in an electronic bicycle.

Features of the Xplorer Sport Hybrid

Yukon Trails Xplorer Sport

This e-bike is affordable, stylish, and extremely usable. It is a versatile bike that you can take with you on any adventure, whether you are running errands or going on a long trek through the woods.

The 35V 10Ah LIFEPo4 battery pack is removable so that you can take it off the bike and into the house for easy charging. It is a Lithium Ion battery pack.

This bike can reach speeds of up to 15 mph using the 250 watt, 36 brushless alloy motor. The motor location is in the rear hub, where you will also find alloy double walls on the rims. The tires are made by Kenda and measure 26 x 1.75.

It has a 7 speed Shimano shifter. There is also a controller with a speed sensor so that you can use the pedal-assisted system. There are even rear and front Tektro V-brakes brakes so that you can stay in control at all times.

This bicycle can go approximately 25 miles on a single charge. However, you should keep in mind that this depends on the size of the rider and the terrain you are riding on. If you are heavier and riding over hills in dirt, you will not go as far as someone who weighs less riding on sidewalks.

What Do Owners Say about the Yukon Trails Explorer?

Yukon Trails Xplorer Sport Hybrid E-bike

Of the votes that it does have, it holds a rating of 3.9 stars. There are plenty of owners who say that they have not had any issues with it, as a new bike or after they have used it for a while. They love it because it is affordable and dependable. As an added bonus, most owners do give it a high rating.

Is The Yukon Trails Hybrid Sports Bike Worth Buying?

One of the best features of this bike is the fact that it is an affordable option for anyone who wants to give electronic bicycles a try. Because more people love it than hate it, we have to say that if you are looking for an affordable electronic bike for sale, this could be your best option. More about the Yukon Trails Xplorer here⇒

Prodeco V3 Outlaw Bicycle

Prodeco V3 Outlaw SS Speed Electric Bicycle Review

The Outlaw SS by Prodeco was one of the first electric bikes to be considered the “muscle bike”. The new and improved version is available in candy orange metallic and performs as good as it looks according to many. Is it the bike you have always dreamed of owning? Take a look at our Prodeco V3 Outlaw SS speed electric bicycle review to find out.

Features of the V3 Outlaw by Prodeco

Prodeco V3 Outlaw Bicycle

The V3 Outlaw is able to run at a consistent 28 mph for up to 20 miles on a full charge. This is due in part to the 750-watt rear direct drive hub motor. It is able to deliver 1200 watts at its peak. The fact it is a direct drive motor means that you do not have a lot of moving parts inside of the motor. It also adds resistance to the bike if you pedal without using the motor.

This bike has a double-crown magnesium suspension form. This is paired with SRAM 8-speed mid Derailleur gears and an X9/X0 drive train. It also has Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes and the Avid 200MM HS1 rotors. These are the most impressive brakes to ever be on an electric bike within its price range.

The bike frame has a lifetime frame warranty and comes with a 2-year warranty for components. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum to ensure it is durable enough to keep up with you no matter what you want to do. However, it is still designed with comfort in mind. It features leather grips and Gyes leather saddle. It also has frame mounts for you to carry a water bottle.

This 26” bike is made in Florida. When you receive it, the bike is easy to assemble. All you have to do is tighten a stem bolt and insert the seat post. It meets all USA specifications and it is quality tested before it ever leaves the warehouse.

The Prodeco V3 Outlaw does have pedals so that you can ride it like a normal bicycle if you want to. This can extend the battery life further and it can also help you if you fail to notice that it needs to be charged.

Do Owners Love the Prodeco V3 Outlaw?

ProdecoV3 Outlaw E-bike Ratings

Most owners love the V3 Outlaw. However, it does hold a 4.1 rating because of a couple issues that people have experienced. The one truly negative review is from a person who was unhappy with the customer support team. All other buyers say that the customer service team is wonderful to deal with. Some other issues also have to do with flat tires upon arrival and other minor issues that are easy fixes. Other people say that this is the greatest bike ever. Most say that it runs great and that it is a beautiful bike. This has lead to many who would happily recommend it to others who wanted to give an electronic bicycle a try. Most people even say that it is one of the most affordable bikes available for all that it has to offer.

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Is The Outlaw E-Bike Something You Want?

If you are in the market for a bike that you can ride without pedaling, this bike could be great for you. It is a bike that is priced reasonably considering the features that it has. Not many electric bikes can give you the same amount of ride time and speed. Therefore, we do feel if you want a bike that can go with you anywhere, this is a good choice. More about the Prodeco V3 Outlaw SS Speed Electric Bicycle here⇒