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uberscoot 1000W Electric Scooter

UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter

uberscoot 1000W Electric Scooter

The Evo Powerboard by Uberscoot promises more speed and a longer drive time. However, many people are not certain that it will be all that they could want for it to be. We took a good look at the Evo so that you will not have to guess anymore. To see what it has to offer, keep reading our UberScoot 1000w electric scooter review.

Features of the UberScoot

The Evo Powerboard uses a chain drive motor that is rated at 1000 watts. This gives you the power to go where you want at speeds that will astound you. The top speed for this electric scooter is 24-26 mph. However, it does depend on the weight of the rider as to whether it actually goes that fast.

It is powered by three 12V/12AH batteries and the battery life expectancy is 250 cycles. You do get the charger with your purchase and when you first receive the scooter, and you should expect it to take 4-8 hours to charge the batteries to full capacity.

uberscoot 1000w tires

The Evo 1000 watt electric scooter uses both front and rear disk brakes. This gives you plenty of stopping power for the 10in pneumatic street tires.

It is recommended that children be at least 12 years old before they ride. The maximum load limit for it is 265 pounds. This makes it ideal for adults who want to run errands to the store.

This scooter is heavy. When shipped it weighs in at 99 pounds. However, when it comes time to store it, you can fold it up to store it in an out of the way area.

This scooter uses handlebar controls and has a seat for you to sit on while you are riding as well as a deck that is large enough for your feet to sit on comfortably.

How Does The EVO Compare to Other Scooters?

With all the electric scooters available, it makes sense that you will want to know how the Evo Powerboard measures up. First, you must understand that it is one of the few 1000w chain driven motors available. It has more speed that other scooters, even those that cost a good bit more than it. It also features a turbo button to give you an extra bit of speed. It is designed for adult users, which is why it has a higher maximum weight capacity than others. This scooter also has a quick release seat attached to increase your comfort and the scooter’s safety.

Is The UberScoot 1000W Electric Scooter Worth It?

The UberScoot has an average rating of 4.2 stars. Most people feel that it is a great product for the price. Some parents let their kids ride on it and there are some of our senior citizens who use it due to mobility issues. The only real downside is the length of time that it takes to charge and the fact that you can only go about 10 miles per charge. If this is not a problem for you, it will make the perfect personal transportation vehicle for you. More about the Uberscoot 1000W electric scooter here⇒

Razor E300

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

The Razor electric scooter is a favorite for many people. However, one major downfall with it is that most are designed for kids rather than full-size adults. This makes it difficult for people who want to use it as a way to avoid traffic and walking to work each day. If this sounds ideal to you, perhaps you should check out our Razor E300 electric scooter review to make sure it is a good fit for you or your family.

Razor E300

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Features

One of the most impressive things about this electric scooter is its' top speed. It is one of the fastest Razors available and will reach speeds of up to 15 mph and it can maintain those speeds for up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time.

The motor is a chain driven, high torque style motor. To control it, you twist the acceleration control and then to brake, you use the convenient hand-brake.

It does weigh quite a bit at around 53.69 pounds and is larger than other Razors at 41 x 17 x 42 inches. The upside is that with the larger, heavier frame, it can support an adult that is up to 220 pounds. This larger size is supported further by extra-wide 10-inch pneumatic tires.

The E300 comes with the basic 90-day Razor warranty. This also protects you if your battery is defective from the date of purchase. 

E300 Razpr Decl

It has a super-sized deck which is perfect for adults and kids alike. The larger deck gives more foot room and more stability to the rider.

As with all other Razor electric scooters, you will get everything you need with one purchase. This includes two 12V sealed lead acid batteries that are rechargeable, the battery charger, a retractable kickstand, and the tools that you will need to assemble/disassemble.

Do Owners Like the Razor E300 Electric Scooter?

Most of the 470+ voters have given this scooter a 5-star rating. It holds an average rating of 4.2 stars. Within in the very few negative reviews you will find that one person says they didn’t get the 10” tires and that it does not go as fast as it says it will. This could easily be a defect that could be covered by a warranty. Also, there are some who state that the battery will not hold a charge. There are a variety of reasons why a battery may fail and it could be because they did not charge it fully the first time. Overall, most love this scooter. Many owners have owned and used it for more than a year and say that it is still running like new. Some of the main users are kids, but not all. There are even a few senior citizens who also enjoy using this scooter to get around their neighborhoods.

Final Thoughts on the E300 by Razor

E300 Kickstand Razor

There is no denying, this is a great scooter for most families, both young and old. It runs well and can go distances that surprise most owners. Many say that the charge lasts longer than 40 minutes. You should keep in mind before you buy, that it is a scooter that is best suited on sidewalks and gravel roads. If you use it on grass or dirt, you will have to perform a lot more maintenance and you will not get the expected battery life advertised. Therefore, if you live in a small town, large city, or suburban area; you will enjoy it more than if you lived in a more rural or remote part of town. More on the Razor E300 here⇒

Munkyboard electric skateboard

Munkyboards 1200W Remote Control Electric Skateboard Review

One common complaint about electric skateboards is that they travel too slow for some of the more skilled skateboarders. Therefore, Munkyboards is popular among those who want to be able to do more with their skateboard. Do you really need to go as fast as possible and if so, is it worth paying more for? Read our Munkyboards 1200W remote control electric skateboard review to find out.

Munkyboards Skateboard

Features of the Munkyboards 1200W

This is a top quality skateboard that provides top performance. Both of which are proven by the fact that it is a skateboard with 1200W of power backing its brushless motor. The battery is a 36V Lithium Ion 15Ah.

This skateboard can travel for up to 16 miles on a single full battery charge. This is much further than the average electric skateboard. It also means that for up to 70 minutes, you can be riding along at 28 mph. This is extreme speed compared to other boards that are electric. As an added bonus, the charging time is only 4-6 hours.

The wheels are made of all terrain rubber. The solid wood board is made of Canadian Maple.

The board is operated using the included Bluetooth remote control. This remote can be used to start out slow at only 9-12mph and increase your speed as you increase your riding skills. There are only two speed choices. The remote also has a built in LED flashlight. It shows the speed you are traveling and a battery life indicator on it as well.

This board is heavier than most other electric skateboards. It weighs 51.5 pounds. It measures 19.7 x 44.5 x 9.4 inches. It can hold a rider who weighs as much as 275 pounds.

There is only one color choice available, but the graphics look great. The manufacturer guarantees that when you take this skateboard on your commute to work, school, or play that everyone who sees it with you will know that you are a devoted skateboarder and that you have a quality board to prove it.

This skateboard is made in the USA and it is only shipped to areas within the USA. International shipping is not available at this time.

Munkyboards offer a standard warranty to protect buyers from any defect within the workmanship and material for the first 90 days after purchase. If you discover a defect and it requires replacement parts, Munkyboards will cover the complete cost of the part and the shipment.

Due to the maximum speed of this skateboard, it is recommended that you wear proper safety gear at all times to protect yourself. Even if you are a skilled skateboarder, to neglect safety equipment could be extremely bad.

Are Owners Happy with the Munkyboards Skateboard?

Munkyboards with remote

This skateboard has an average rating of 3.6 stars. Most owners give it a high rating, but they do say that it is a large board. Owners say that safe riding is the key. They suggest that you work up to going fast and protect yourself while you learn. Many say that at first, the second fastest speed setting scared them because it is like a sudden turbo boost in speed when you first turn it on. It is also a good idea to wear protective gear because one rider did have an issue with the clutch freezing and throwing him off. This owner still gives it a 5-star rating and he was not seriously injured, but he stresses safety must come first when you are dealing with this much speed. 

Will You Enjoy the Munkyboards Electric Skateboard?

This skateboard is perfect for anyone who wants the ability to go fast on a skateboard. It is a board that is larger than most and it has large tires to make it more capable to go off-roading. It is a thrill-seeker’s dream skateboard. It does come with a price, though, but most people feel it is completely worth it for the size, stability, and speed that you get from it. More about the Munkyboards 1200W remote control electric skateboard here⇒

super turbo 1000W

Black Super Turbo Scooter Review

Not many scooters travel as quickly as some people may like. That is why we decided to review the Black Super Turbo. It promises to go faster than most all other scooters, but the question on every potential buyer’s mind is whether it can or not. Read our BlackSUP800-2 Super Turbo review to find out.

Black Super Turbo

Features of the Super Turbo

This is an electric scooter that runs off a powerful 36-volt battery pack. This means that it has a larger battery than most rechargeable scooters. It is a deep cell lead acid battery, which gives you a longer run time. This scooter can travel up to 18 miles on a single charge!

The battery powers a 1000-watt motor which spins at 3000rpms. With this motor it can reach speeds of up to 26mph and this is with a full grown man who weighs around 200 pounds sitting on it.

It is lightweight which ensures that it is easy to carry along when you are not in a place that allows for riding. 

Also included with the purchase of the Black Super Turbo a warranty covers you completely for the first 90 days after purchase. After that, you have a 1-year warranty on the motor. You can only return the scooter for the first 7 days after purchase and it must be in unused condition.

super turbo LED light

The frame is made of pure steel which makes for one of the most durable scooters. Super Cycles and Scooters (the manufacturing company), promise that it is more powerful than all other 1000w scooters.

It has an LED headlight so that you do not have to hurry home before the sun goes down. The headlight is covered by a plastic shield to help prevent damage to the LED bulb.

Pros and Cons with Black Super Turbo Scooter

It is a very fast scooter that is unmatched in its ability to get you where you want to be, quickly. There is also something to be said for the fact that you can ride it for up to 18 miles on a single charge. Not many other scooters can compare to this range. Most owners love the power that it provides. Many say that it can travel easily over all different terrain types and more importantly, it easy to put it together when it arrives. 

The biggest downside to it is the fact that the rechargeable batteries are expensive if you need to replace them. However, they are easy to find since the seller also sells every part of the scooter. Another downside for some is the fact that it is bulky to carry around if you need to carry rather than ride. Even though it folds down, it is still a little large to carry.

Is the BlackSUP-2 Super Turbo Worth the Money?

After more than 200 reviews, this scooter still manages to have a 4.2 rating. Most people seem to feel that they spent their money wisely. There are comparisons between the 1000W scooter and 800W scooter and people who were unhappy with the 800W blame the one with a larger motor. This can make it confusing for a potential buyer. There are some people who also say that the customer support staff are not that great, but most owners say that they have had no issues. Therefore, we feel if you are looking for a scooter to enjoy, you should give this one a try. It is one of the most affordable scooters in its class. More about the Super Turbo here ⇒

Dynacraft Surge Skateboard and remote

Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard Review

When it comes to electric skateboards, you have several options to choose from. The Dynacraft Surge is a popular, cost effective choice for anyone who wants to give an electric skateboard a try. The question is, does quality come in an affordable package? Read our Dynacraft Surge electric skateboard review to find out.

Features of the Dynacraft Surge

Surge by Dynacraft

This black and green skateboard can travel at speeds of up to 6 miles per hour when used on a solid road or concrete surface. This means it is not one of the fastest skateboards available, but it is still going to give you a fair amount of speed to play with.

It is designed for use by kids that are at least 8 years old, which further proves that it is designed for beginner skateboarders. It can support up to 145 pounds, so it can be used by kids even as they continue to grow into adulthood.

The Dynacraft comes with a remote control. With the remote, you can choose from three different levels of speed. The first speed is going to be the slowest and it is best for people who are trying to learn how to balance on their new skateboard. As your skill increases, so can the speed at which you travel.

This skateboard measures 33.3 x 12.4 x 8.5 inches. It weighs in at 22 pounds. This does mean that is a little heavy compared to some of the other available electric skateboards, but it is not unmanageable.

There is a warranty included by the manufacturer. It is a 1-year limited warranty for defects with the board and a 6-month limited warranty on the battery. However, the limited warranty does not cover damages that come from normal wear and tear, abuse, neglect, alteration, and other things that are not an issue with the workmanship.

The skateboard comes with a 24V rechargeable battery. There is an onboard on/off switch to help you conserve the battery when it is not in use. If you use the switch and only leave it on when you are using it, you should be able to travel for 5-8 miles on a single charge, depending on your weight and the area you are skateboarding in.

Owner Thoughts On the Surge Electric Skateboard

Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard

This skateboard holds an average rating of 4.3-stars. Most owners give it a 5-star rating. The biggest thing you have to keep in mind about this board is that it is designed to be user-friendly for children that are just learning how to skateboard with an electric skateboard. Most owners are parents or grandparents that purchased it for a child that wanted one. They say that it performs exactly as it was stated and that the child in their family loves riding on it. Most of the negative reviews for it stem from the fact that it is a slow board. This is stated clearly and if they had read the reviews, they would have known that before they purchased it. It is also clearly stated that people who are over 145 pounds should not try to ride it. Therefore, if you weigh more than that, you will want to choose a different board. The more you weigh, the slower it will go with you on it.

Is the Dynacraft Surge Worth Buying?

See the Dynacraft Surge Here

The answer to this question is, “yes” as long as you are buying it for a kid who wants to learn how to skateboard. Many people use it instead of a hoverboard because they feel that their child will be safer on it. If you are a skilled skateboarder, you will most likely hate this board because of the slower speed of travel on it. Therefore, we suggest that skilled riders choose another type of board to ride on, but if you are new and simply want a cheap board to try out, you will not go wrong with the quality of this skateboard. More about the Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard here⇒